Dat ass Lëtzebuerg ! N°10

Post Philately

Following on from "Dat ass Lëtzebuerg!", the POST Luxembourg collection that pays tribute to Luxembourg's heritage through stamps, binsfeld was called upon to produce the 10th edition dedicated to the Minett region.
As part of Esch2022, we delved into the POST Philately archives to identify 22 stamps focusing on the theme of the Minett. This selection enabled us to showcase, in a beautiful book, the history of this region that is rapidly changing.
We have published a richly illustrated bilingual French and German album about the Land of the Red Rocks. This unique region, through its combination of industrial heritage, modernity, culture and natural wealth, will seduce the reader. The graphic design of the cover has been adapted in a more dynamic style to reflect the colours of the Minett.

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